Why doesn’t my Chrome Profiler show proper retaining paths for my objects, and why are my objects never released?

I am trying to debug memory leaks in my webapp.

I take snapshots of the heap and compare different heaps.

I found out that some of my objects are being references somewhere.
However, all of my objects are being retained through objects that looks internal to me, eg:

Profiler showing my classes being referenced

As you can see, this SectionNavView object is being referenced by a few methods that I have created: cleanUp, hide, isShown, etc. using my local variable that, but these methods are being referenced from something that I do not control: idToWrappedObject. Sometimes, there’s another intermediary – a injectedScript object.

If my objects are only being referenced form internal V8 references, shouldn’t they be released before the profiler takes a snapshot during its GC?

This simply means that you’ve used console.log. So the VM keeps a reference to your objects in order to allow you to inspect them later. You can either stop using the console or just clear it every time you take a heap snapshot.

You can reproduce it with the following steps:

  1. Open new tab
  2. Open console (clear it, if there is anything)
  3. Take heap snapshot 1
  4. Type console.log({ foo:'bar' }) in the console
  5. Take heap snapshot 2
  6. Clear the console
  7. Take heap snapshot 3

Then view the results:

  1. Open the comparison view between snapshot 2 and snapshot 1; you’ll find the { foo: 'bar' } object

    Comparison of snapshots 1 and 2, the foobar object is visible; unfold the Object constructor

  2. Open the comparison view between snapshot 3 and snapshot 2; you’ll find the same object now displays a delta of -1, meaning it was garbage-collected after you cleared the console

    Comparison of snapshots 2 and 3, the foobar object is visible, but the column delta shows it was deleted

Finally, you may also see “Global handles” and then “GC roots” in the retaining tree paths, beside _idToWrappedObject and InjectedScript. I’m not sure how this applies to the definition of GC roots but clearing the console does allow garbage collection.

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