Stopping a iframe from loading a page using javascript

Is there a way in javascript of stopping an iframe in the middle of loading a page? The reason I need to do this is I have a background iframe streaming data from a web server (via a Comet style mechanism) and I need to be able to sever the connection at will.

Any ideas welcome.

For FireFox/Safari/Chrome you can use window.stop():


For IE, you can do the same thing with document.execCommand(‘Stop’):


For a cross-browser solution you could use:

if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer') {
} else {

The whole code should be like this, (unclenorton’s line was missing a bracket)

if (typeof (window.frames[0].stop) === 'undefined'){
    //Internet Explorer code
    setTimeout(function() {window.frames[0].document.execCommand('Stop');},1000);
    //Other browsers
    setTimeout(function() {window.frames[0].stop();},1000);



Very easy:

1) Get the iframe or img you don’t want to load:

let myIframe = document.getElementById('my-iframe')

2) Then you can just replace src attribute to about.blank:


That’s all.

If you wanted to load the iframe or image at a time in feature when some event happens then just store the src variable in dataset:

myIframe.dataset.srcBackup = myIframe.src
// then replace by about blank

Now you can use it when needed easily:

myIframe.src = myIframe.dataset.srcBackup

If you only have a reference to the element, you need to use .contentX to get the document/window to run the accepted answer.
Checking that the iframe actually has a document is also necessary for dynamically added iframe elements.

function stopIframe(element) {
    var doc = element.contentDocument;
    //iframes wont have a document if they aren't loading/loaded
    //check so JS wont throw
    if (!doc)

    //try for modern browsers
    if (doc.defaultView.stop)
    //fallback for IE

not support in IE

function stopit() {


<a href="#" onclick="stopit()" class="Stop" title="Stop"></a>

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