Skip first N elements in JQuery

I would like to know, how can I skip first N elements in JQuery. Something like this:

<div id="test">

$('#test > div').skip(2)

Should return


I know I can just use :not(:first-child):not(:first-child + div)... selector N times, but is there a better way?

jQuery has a gt selector. (Greater than).

$('#test > div:gt(1)')

Or you can use the slice function

$('#test > div').slice(2)

Use the .slice() function, it gives you the subset of elements based on its index.

$('#test > div').slice( 2 )


I think you are looking for the :gt selector:
Note that you start counting from 0 here.


$('#test > div:gt(1)')

Skip just the first one – example:

$("#spaccordion li:gt(0)").addClass("collapsed");

All <li> items will have class “collapsed” except the first one

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