Replace ‘Prompt’ in on Electron

How to replace the function of javascript prompt in electron?

Can someone give me an example?

I tried to use the function prompt, but got an error:

Uncaught Error: prompt() is and will not be supported.

prompt, confirm and alert are functions which blocks the execution thread of the script until a user input and that’s the reason electron team didn’t supported it. Instead you can use some third party package for the same reason.

Here are some packages which provides this functionality in async way

My answer is a little late but maybe still helpful for others.

Since the Electron team does not want to implement the prompt() behavior themselves, I developed this solution: electron-osx-prompt.
It provides a Promise-based way to get some simple user input and adapts to the macOS styling.

// From renderer or main process, doesn't matter
const userPrompt = require('electron-osx-prompt');

const icon = __dirname + '/icon.png';

userPrompt('Label text', 'Placeholder text', icon)
  .then(input => {
  .catch(err => {

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