Remove all JavaScript event listeners of an element and its children? [duplicate]

Is it possible to remove all event listeners of an element and its children? Something like:


I need this because I have a complex element with events, and I need to create a copy of it — like a static image that does not react to any events.

If you use cloneNode, the event listeners won’t be copied.

If you want a robust solution your best bet is probably to write a wrapper to attach/detach listeners, and keep track of them yourself. Something like Dean Edwards’ addEvent.

I do not know of one, and a search on Google didn’t yield any obvious results. One easy, kludgy solution is to create a function that cycles through every event and sets it to null, such as

function removeEvents(obj)
    obj.onblur = null;
    obj.onchange = null;
    obj.onclick = null;
    // ...

Call this function as follows: removeEvents(myElem). A complete list of JavaScript event handlers can be found at

Undoubtedly there is a more elegant way to write this function, but I don’t know if there is a more elegant way to solve this problem. It would be lovely if someone knows of one. If you are binding events through a JavaScript library, such as jQuery, there may be other, better options.

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