Make google maps plugin black/white or with sepia filter

I’m wondering if it is possible to display Google Maps in black/white or with a sepia filter. Can it be done with some Canvas magic? Or overlaying? Or some other method?

Check this fiddle out, I’ve desaturated all elements to create the black and white effect, for example:

   "featureType": "road.highway",
   "elementType": "geometry",
   "stylers": [
     { "saturation": -100 },
     { "lightness": -8 },
     { "gamma": 1.18 }

You can style your maps using this wizard

or using Snazzy Maps which is very user-friendly. brings a sepia and a desaturate (black and white) filter…
But it wont work in Safari and IE can only desaturate, no sepia

I have this link in my history. Someone has done it in flash

After considering your idea, I also found this example I like it and you may be able to attach a listener to alter the images as they are loaded. but it may not work smoothly.

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