JavaScript code style in WebStorm shows unterminated statement warning

I’m using WebStorm 2016.1 on a NodeJS project and cannot seem to figure out some of the code styling issues that keep triggering warnings.

For instance, I get these gray blocks where I haven’t terminated a line with a semi-colon, which I don’t want to do because that goes against the eslint settings for the project. I add the ; and I get an eslint warning instead.

unterminated statement

What setting do I need to change to stop this?

To fix this, change the following setting in Editor > Inspections of WebStorm:

Editor > Inspections]

Try the following Steps:

Ctrl-Shift-A –> Unterminated Statement –> Off

Also for other unwanted inspection problems press Alt+Enter on highlighted code. Context menu will be shown with suggested solutions, including disabling the inspection.

In my case there was a lot of this “unterminated statement” so I just copy the whole code to editor like notepad, delete everything and copy back from a notepad, and all ‘unterminated statement’ gone.

To give a bit more background, the code snippets on some sites include additional characters (such as <200b> in the snippet below) that are not visible unless it is copy & pasted into a program such as vi. The <200b> represents a Zero-width space as described here:

The example below was taken from

import React from 'react'
import Enzyme, { mount } from 'enzyme'
import Adapter from 'enzyme-adapter-react-16';
import Header from '../../components/Header'
Enzyme.configure({ adapter: new Adapter() });
function setup() {
  const props = {
    addTodo: jest.fn()
  const enzymeWrapper = mount(<Header {...props} />)
  return {

I suspect the problem is that the Zero-width space has some impact on how the Jetbrains IDE’s apply it to Javascript files, because if I remove the <200b> manually from the code and then paste it back into the IDE, then it works.

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Probably worthwhile to open a bug report.

Should help, try it. It seems like the issue of some additional not editable symbols.

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