Javascript character (ASCII) to Hex

Hey all i am in need of something simple to convert character(s) into ASCII and then make that into a Hex code.

So as an example the “A” character would be:

0xF100 + ascii_code = Hex

and that would turn out to be:

0xF100 + 65 = 0xF141

65 would be the character “A” above. I’ve been looking for some javascript that would take my character and make a Hex from it… But i haven’t really found anything that would do this….

Any help would be great!

Number’s toString accepts a radix parameter, with which you can convert the ASCII code to hexadecimal like this:

var data = "A";
console.log("0xF1" + data.charCodeAt(0).toString(16));

16 means base 16, which is hexadecimal.

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