Is it possible to Stop jqGrid row(s) from being selected and/or highlighted?

I’ve looked at the documentation but I’ve been unable to find an answer. Is there a way to prevent a row from being highlighted when selected? That or even a way to stop the row being selected at all. I like the “hoverrows: true” option, but ideally I would like to stop a row from being selected on-click.


I’ve been able to “hackily” implement something which seems to be an interim fix. I don’t really like it at all and would idealy like a better solution, if there is one…

I have found that if I pass the option

onSelectRow: function(rowid, status) {

when I instantiate the jqGrid, I can strip the highlight when it is added.

Is there another, more ideal, way to do this?

Use the following code:

beforeSelectRow: function(rowid, e) {
    return false;

If you, like me, have a gazillion jqGrids and don’t want to override onSelectRow for every single one, here’s a global version of Reigel’s solution that worked nicely for me:

jQuery.extend(jQuery.jgrid.defaults, {
    onSelectRow: function(rowid, e) {


onSelectRow: function(rowid, status) {
    $("#grid_id").resetSelection(); //Resets (unselects) the selected row(s). Also works in multiselect mode.

you can read documentations here. Hope it helps you…

I suppose you could address this in the CSS directly. Just override the values for ui-state-highlight for your specific table

#table_id tr.ui-state-highlight {
  border: inherit !important;
  background: inherit !important;
  color: inherit !important;

#table_id tr.ui-state-highlight a {
  color: inherit !important;

#table_id tr.ui-state-highlight .ui-icon {
  background-image: inherit !important;

I used the value inherit just as an example – you will likely need to copy some values from your theme.css to make this work.

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Yes, use the rowattr callback:

rowattr: function (rowData,currentObj,rowId) {
    if (rowData.SomeField=="SomeValue") { 
        return {"class": "ui-state-disabled"};

This also grays out the row and disables the selection.

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