Is it possible to receive an Amazon SNS message on a JS script?

I know some options using ruby on rails and/or node.js and PubNuB, a service that has many APIs so you can send/receive notifications between (almost) any platform.

I now how to send messages from PHP and how to receive them there using Amazon SNS, but how can I receive a push notification (a SNS message) on a JS/jQuery script?


Yes, but not directly and you’ll have to poll for messages on a timer…

In the Product Details page under the heading “Flexible”, you’ll see that none of the currently supported formats/transports can be hosted in the browser.

However… Amazon SQS is one of the supported transports, and it in turn can be accessed from JavaScript – see an example app here: (The example shows JavaScript accessing SQS).

You’d have to manually poll though, as there is no “push” to the browser with SQS.

(Alternatively, you could do it all server-side, and then you could use potentially use websockets to push the messages to the browser.)

Use a service worker in your project and set up a Push Notification handler… I created a GCM project and made a little node.js server and it seems to receive messages from SNS… No polling required.

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