In JavaScript / jQuery what is the best way to convert a number with a comma into an integer? [duplicate]

I want to convert the string “15,678” into a value 15678. Methods parseInt() and parseFloat() are both returning 15 for “15,678.” Is there an easy way to do this?

The simplest option is to remove all commas: parseInt(str.replace(/,/g, ''), 10)

One way is to remove all the commas with:

strnum = strnum.replace(/\,/g, '');

and then pass that to parseInt:

var num = parseInt(strnum.replace(/\,/g, ''), 10);

But you need to be careful here. The use of commas as thousands separators is a cultural thing. In some areas, the number 1,234,567.89 would be written 1.234.567,89.

If you only have numbers and commas:

+str.replace(',', '')

The + casts the string str into a number if it can. To make this as clear as possible, wrap it with parens:

(+str.replace(',', ''))

therefore, if you use it in a statement it is more separate visually (+ +x looks very similar to ++x):

var num = (+str1.replace(',', '')) + (+str1.replace(',', ''));

Javascript code conventions (See “Confusing Pluses and Minuses”, second section from the bottom):

You can do it like this:

var value = parseInt("15,678".replace(",", ""));

Use a regex to remove the commas before parsing, like this

parseInt(str.replace(/,/g,''), 10)
//or for decimals as well:

You can test it here.

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