How to see results of console.profile()?

According to Chrome Console API Reference and MDN Docs, using console.profile('label') to start profiling and later using console.endProfile() to end profiling, should result in a profile added to Profiles (has been since renamed to Performance) panel in Chrome.

This works for me in Firefox, but I don’t get any profiles when I run my code in Chrome. Instead I get the warning:

DevTools: CPU profile parser is fixing 16 missing samples.

Am I missing something here or is this a bug in Chrome DevTools?

Turns out the profile goes into a different panel:

CPU profiles added to the JavaScript profiler panel. You can open it by clicking three dots menu (in the top right corner)
⋮-> More tools -> JavaScript Profiler.

The profiling can be observed from below code part.

function profileTest(callback) {      
  let i = 0;
  let work = setInterval(function() {         
      if(i == 3) {
      console.log('Doing some work..');
      i = i + 1;
  }, 1000);     


Note: setInterval is used for simulation purpose.

As @atavakoli have already answered, created profile can be seen in ‘CPU PROFILES’ part in ‘Javascript Profiler’ tab that can be opened from Developer Tools → Three dots → More tools. For example below screenshot shows the result profile of above code part.

How to open Javascript Profiler

See following link:

For the warning message, below question link can be referred.

Chrome: CPU profile parser is fixing n missing samples

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