How to Load a File for Testing with Jasmine Node?

I have a simple JavaScript file, color.js, and a matching spec file, colorSpec.js.


function Color() 




describe("color", function() {
  it("should work", function() {
    new Color(255, 255, 255);

When I run jasmine-node colorSpec.js, I get the following exception:

ReferenceError: Color is not defined

How can I get Jasmine to load my color.js file before running colorSpec.js?

you could load your color.js in the colorSpec.js with a require(). I dont see how jasmine can guess all the dependencies without you telling jasmine what they are exactly in your spec file.
Edit :
A quick and dirty solution , but maybe there is something builtin Jasmine to do that :

fs = require('fs')
myCode = fs.readFileSync('./color.js','utf-8') // depends on the file encoding

then your class should be available with jasmine

if you call require directly on your file i think you need to create a module and export it

When using Jasmine Node, you’ll want to export your object/function/class, in this case Color, as a node module. I like to try and make my modules work in both node or a browser, like so:

Folder Structure:

  - src/
  - spec/


 * class Color
 * @constructor
function Color(red, green, blue)
    var current = [red, green, blue];

    this.getCurrent = function ()
        return current;

// Export node module.
if ( typeof module !== 'undefined' && module.hasOwnProperty('exports') )
    module.exports = Color;


var Color = require('../src/color.js');

describe("Test the Color object", function() {
    var color = new Color(255, 255, 255);

    it('to verify that it can return a color.', function() {

This is not how require works. Your color.js needs to define/export something. I will assume you use require.js here for sanity.

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define('Color', function (require) {
  var Color = function () {};
  return Color;

Then in your spec:

var Color = require('color.js');

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