How to detect only the native Android browser

it’s easy to detect the Android device, but I am having trouble detecting ONLY the Android native browser. Problem is the Dolphin browser has an almost identical user-agent string, and I’d like a way to know if they are using the native browser or not..

Is this possible?

you simply need to test a few parts of the user agent string in order to make sure you have the default android browser:

var nua = navigator.userAgent;
var is_android = (nua.indexOf('Mozilla/5.0') > -1 && nua.indexOf('Android ') > -1 && nua.indexOf('AppleWebKit') > -1);

you can use the following to ensure that you do not match chrome within android, although on a lot of devices now, chrome is being used as the default browser.

var nua = navigator.userAgent;
var is_android = ((nua.indexOf('Mozilla/5.0') > -1 && nua.indexOf('Android ') > -1 && nua.indexOf('AppleWebKit') > -1) && !(nua.indexOf('Chrome') > -1));

If you want to protect against case sensitivity, you can use the following:

var nua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var is_android = ((nua.indexOf('mozilla/5.0') > -1 && nua.indexOf('android ') > -1 && nua.indexOf('applewebkit') > -1) && !(nua.indexOf('chrome') > -1));

I think you are searching for this:

Android native browser not updated above version 534.30 so you can filter to the version and
Android UA string combination (above we can presume its a Chrome browser)

Here’s my sample JavaScript code:

(If you need specific styling I would add a class to the body with the following JS snippet)

var defectAndroid = $window.navigator && $window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf('534.30') > 0 && $window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/android/);

if (defectAndroid) {
   // sample code specific for your Android Stock browser

(Some Android devices reporting ‘android’ that’s why we need the lower case conversation)

On a Galaxy S3, I found that both Chrome and the native browser had ‘AppleWebkit’ so I took that piece out of my conditional statement. I also added Version as that only appears in the native browser is seems. It works for me as

var ua = navigator.userAgent;
var isAndroidNative = ((ua.indexOf('Mozilla/5.0') > -1) && (ua.indexOf('Android') > -1) && !(ua.indexOf('Chrome') > -1) && (ua.indexOf('Version') > -1))

var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var isAndroid = ua.indexOf("android") > -1; //&& ua.indexOf("mobile");
if(isAndroid) {
    // Do something!
    // Redirect to Android-site?
    window.location = '';

You can do this with Javascript and the useragent feature. What u need to do is to make 2 If-requests:

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First you detect the device type:

If android, ios, mobile, ipad, iphone 
   Take this setting

Now you make as much as u need if-requests or a case-request to detect the type of browser

If chrome, firefox, safari and so on
   Take this setting

Thats it in the theory 🙂

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