How to check for Route through route name in template with Meteor and Iron Router

What can I use in a template to figure out the route name that is associated with the route that I am currently on?

For example if I configured a route like so in iron-router

this.route('quick', {
    path: '/wow/:_id',
    template: 'create_question'

So if I am on the route /wow/123 how can I get the router’s name in my template, in this case how can I get quick in my template?

I’m simply looking for a function, I am sure I can use a handlebars helper to get the rest done. I just need a function to call.

iron-router > 1.0

var routeName = Router.current().route.getName();

iron-router < 1.0

var routeName = Router.current();

For the newer iron router, use:

var routeName = Router.current().route.getName()

This will output the name of the actual route you defined with this.route()

You can define any options you want in your route config :

Router.route("", {
    name : 'home',
    template : 'home',
    title: 'Home'

and then access to title with this :


This will output “Home”

You can try Router.current().template

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