How execute other prompt when prompt previous is true on Yeoman?

How execute prompt2 when prompt1 is true on Yeoman as shown below?

var prompts = [
  {name: 'prompt1', message: 'Ask 1?'},
  {name: 'prompt2', message: 'Ask 2?'}

Yeoman uses a thing called Inquirer.js for the prompt system. Here’s an example of how you can ask Question 2 if Question 1 was true:

  name: 'movie',
  type: 'confirm',
  message: 'Have you seen a movie lately?'
}, {
  when: function (response) {
  name: 'good-or-not',
  message: 'Sweet! Was it any good?'
}], function (response) {});

From the Inquirer.js documentation:

when: (Function) Receive the current user answers hash and should return true or false depending on wheter or not this question should be asked.

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