How can I tell if jsTree has fully loaded?

I am trying to write a function that opens specific nodes on a jsTree but I am having a problem where the function is executed before my base tree is loaded from the ajax call. How can I tell if my jstree data has been loaded and wait until it is done loading. Below is the function I am trying to use.

function openNodes(tree, nodes) {
    for (i in nodes) {
        $('#navigation').jstree("open_node", $(nodes[i]));

I am loading my initial tree with the following command

    "json_data": {
        "ajax": {
            "url": function(node) {
                var url;
                if (node == -1) {
                    url = "@Url.Action("BaseTreeItems", "Part")";
                } else {
                    url = node.attr('ajax');
                return url;
            "dataType": "text json",
            "contentType": "application/json charset=utf-8",
            "data": function(n) { return { id: n.attr ? n.attr("id") : 0, ajax: n.attr ? n.attr("ajax") : 0 }; },
            "success": function() {
    "themes": { "theme": "classic" },
    "plugins": ["themes", "json_data", "ui"]

Before you call .jstree() on an element, you can bind your callbacks to before.jstree and loaded.jstree events:

.bind('before.jstree', function(e, data) {
    // invoked before jstree starts loading
.bind('loaded.jstree', function(e, data) {
    // invoked after jstree has loaded
    $(this).jstree("open_node", $(nodes[i]));
.jstree( ... )

In the more recent versions of jstree, you may need to wait until all the nodes have finished loading before interacting with them. To do this you need:



    .bind('ready.jstree', function(e, data) {
        // invoked after jstree has loaded

I used setInterval and clearInterval:

var interval_id = setInterval(function(){
     // $("li#"+id).length will be zero until the node is loaded
     if($("li#"+id).length != 0){
         // "exit" the interval loop with clearInterval command
         // since the node is loaded, now we can open it without an error
         $("#tree").jstree("open_node", $("li#"+id))
}, 5);

JStree’s “.loaded” callback only works for root nodes; “._is_loaded” may work instead of checking the node’s length, but I haven’t tried it. Either way, the animation settings cause nodes that are deeper in the tree to be loaded a few milliseconds later. The setInterval command creates a timed loop that exits when your desired node(s) is loaded.

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You had better call $.ajax() function to get data you want at first, you can call $().jstree() function in the success: field like bellow my code.

    var fullTree;
  url :"./php/select_tree.php",
  data : fullTree,
  method : "GET",
  dataType : "json",
  success : function(fullTree){
      "core" : {
        "data" :fullTree,
        "check_callback" : true
       "plugins" : [ "contextmenu", "dnd", "changed", "wholerow" ]

I use refresh.jstree event in my case (I need to dynamically change and refresh the nodes in jstree very often).

According to the docoment, it

triggered when a refresh call completes

jsTree Doc (Events)

Sample code:

$jstree.jstree() = result;
$(selector).on('refresh.jstree', function(){
// do something

[Disclaimer: this does not apply to the OP since the state plugin is not listed in the setup code.]

If you are using the state plugin, use the state_ready.jstree event instead of the ready.jstree or loaded.jstree events.

$(selector).on('state_ready.jstree', function () {
    // open desired node

You don’t have to add an interval. The plugin sets a class on the node that it’s loading via ajax.

.one("reselect.jstree", function (evt, data) {
        if ($("#MYTREEID").find(".jstree-loading").length == 0) {
            alert('my ajax tree is done loading");

Since i found no solution, that is working for the current version of JSTree (3.3.7) i will publish my work aproach here.

First i bind on the select_node and tell jstree to open the parent, whenever i select i node.

var strIdentifierJsTree  = "#your-whatever-id-to-jstree";
var strNode2Select = "#your-whatever-id-to-your-node-which-parents-has-to-be-showed";

$( strIdentifierJsTree ).on("select_node.jstree", function (e, data) {
       $(strIdentifierJsTree).jstree(true).open_node( data.node.parent );

Then i bind to the load-Function:

$( strIdentifierJsTree ).bind('loaded.jstree', function(e, data) {
       $(strIdentifierJsTree).jstree(true).select_node( strNode2Select );

Now it will select my Node after initialisation of JSTree (when fully loaded) and also open all the parents, whatever the depth of nesting is. The single open-node approach, like mentioned in other answers did not work for me.

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