Get media details(resolution and frame rate) from MediaStream object

I am capturing the user’s camera, i want to catch the picture with the best resolution possible, so my code is something like the snippet below,

I want to read the resolution details from the incoming stream, so i can set it as video height and width, which I ll use to click snapshot, I want the snapshot to be of best quality offered by the stream, is this possible( to read resolution details from stream variable) ?

EDIT : I am transmitting the video using webrtc so I would also like to find out the frame rate of the transmitted videostream


navigator.getUserMedia = ( navigator.getUserMedia ||navigator.mozGetUserMedia ||navigator.webkitGetUserMedia  ||navigator.msGetUserMedia);

  navigator.getUserMedia({ video: true, audio:true}, function(stream) {
    var video =  $('#video')[0];
   video.src = window.URL.createObjectURL(stream);
  },  function(){
    showMessage('unable to get camera', 'error');
    showMessage('no camera access mate.', 'error');

function showMessage(msg,type) { // type 'success' or 'error'


the html code:

<div id='msg' class'message'></div>
  <div >
    <video id='video' autoplay></video>

navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia() method returns MediaStream object with you video and audio streams.
This MediaStream object has getVideoTracks() and getAudioTracks() methods.

getVideoTracks()[0] returns video stream from local webcam. This videotrack object has getSettings() method returning some usefull properties like:


Result, for example:

aspectRatio: 1.3333333333333333

deviceId: “e85a2bd38cb0896cc6223b47c5d3266169524e43b6ab6043d8dd22d60ec01a2f”

frameRate: 30

height: 480

width: 640

aspectRatio — 4×3(1.3333333333333333) or 16×9 (fullscreen or not),

deviceId — webcam Id,

framRate — framerate of your videostream,

width — video width,

height — video height.

You can get video stream native resolution from the video element once the stream is attached to it via onloadedmetadata. This does not provide frame rate information.

  navigator.getUserMedia({ video: true, audio:true}, function(stream) {
    var video =  $('#video')[0];
    video.src = window.URL.createObjectURL(stream);
    video.onloadedmetadata = function() {
      console.log('width is', this.videoWidth);
      console.log('height is', this.videoHeight);
  },  function(){
    showMessage('unable to get camera', 'error');

Per the W3C draft, the media track within the stream should provide this information, but in practice browsers have yet to implement it.

The getCapabilities() method returns the dictionary of the names of
the constrainable properties that the object supports.

here’s my vanillaJS Promise-based solution to get a MediaStream video dimensions :

 * @method streamSize : get MediaStream video dimensions
 * @param {MediaStream} stream : some stream with a video track
static streamSize(stream) {

    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

        let video = document.createElement("video");

        video.muted = true;

        video.srcObject = stream;
        video.onloadedmetadata = () => {

            let dimensions = {
                width: video.videoWidth, 
                height: video.videoHeight

            video = null;



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