Error handling “Out of Memory Exception” in browser?

I am debugging a javascript/html5 web app that uses a lot of memory. Occasionally I get an error message in the console window saying

"uncaught exception: out of memory".  

Is there a way for me to gracefully handle this error inside the app?

Ultimately I need to re-write parts of this to prevent this from happening in the first place.

You should calclulate size of your localStorage,
window.localStorage is full

as a solution is to try to add something

var localStorageSpace = function(){
    var allStrings="";
    for(var key in window.localStorage){
            allStrings += window.localStorage[key];
    return allStrings ? 3 + ((allStrings.length*16)/(8*1024)) + ' KB' : 'Empty (0 KB)';

var storageIsFull = function () {
    var size = localStorageSpace(); // old size

    // try to add data
    var er;
    try {
         window.localStorage.setItem("test-size", "1");
    } catch(er) {}

    // check if data added
    var isFull = (size === localStorageSpace());

    return isFull;

I also got the same error message recently when working on a project having lots of JS and sending Json, but the solution which I found was to update input type=”submit” attribute to input type=”button”. I know there are limitations of using input type=”button”..> and the solution looks weird, but if your application has ajax with JS,Json data, you can give it a try. Thanks.

Faced the same problem in Firefox then later I came to know I was trying to reload a HTML page even before setting up some data into local-storage inside if loop. So you need to take care of that one and also check somewhere ID is repeating or not.

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But same thing was working great in Chrome. Maybe Chrome is more Intelligent.

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