Custom cursor interaction point – CSS / JQuery

I’m trying to use a custom cursor for an online game, in this case it’s a sniper scope.

The problem is when I reference the cursor via CSS, the interaction point is still the top left of the icon, whereas it needs to be dead center of the icon for the cursor to make any sense.

Here’s the cursor:


Here’s a demo:

If you put the red dot from the cursor over the red dot I created in the demo, it won’t fire the click event. You have to attempt to aim the top left corner at it.

If you set the cursor back to cursor:default; you’ll see the click event fires just fine, it’s just a matter of “aiming” the cursor.

The game is coded in JQuery so if I need to add some logic there for cursor offset or something lame, so be it. Ideally I want this to be a CSS fix.


You just need to provide the hotspot’s <x> and <y> position in your CSS:

In your example, the center happens to be 24px in from the top/left (huge ass cursor lol)

cursor:url( 24 24,default; see?

As far as it not firing the click event try placing this around your event listener.

        alert('clicked point');

With the centering of the cross hairs it might be easier to use a div with the background of the image and using jQuery to place the div over your cursor in the correct place.

<div id="crosshairs"></div>
        var CrossHairWidth = $('#crosshairs').width();
        var CrossHairHeight = $('#crosshairs').height();
        $('#crosshairs').css('top', e.pageY - (CrossHairHeight / 2));
        $('#crosshairs').css('left', e.pageX - (CrossHairWidth / 2) );

You then hide the cursor doing something like so:
cursor: url(, default;

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