Convert object’s properties and values to array of key value pairs

I’m fairly new to JavaScript and am not sure this is possible to do but basically I would like to take an object and convert it into an array of strings in the format; array[0] = 'prop1=value1'

The reasoning behind this is that I’m having a user enter a list of k=v pairs into a form, later it’s written as an object within a json blob. Going from the key value csl to the json object was simple, now I need to go back the other way (I’ve received the JSON via an ajax call and want to populate a blank form). Is this possible in JavaScript? If not please offer a reasonable work around.

Sample code;

Object in debugger;

        private_key: "private-key"
        public_key: "public-key"

I need to convert that to;


Basically I need something like this (pseudo code)

var outputString = '';
foreach (prop in obj)
    outputString = outputString + prop.tostring() + '=' + prop.value + ',';

You’re probably looking for something along the lines of

var obj = {value1: 'prop1', value2: 'prop2', value3: 'prop3'};
var arr = [];
for (var key in obj) {
    if (obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
        arr.push(key + '=' + obj[key]);
var result = arr.join(',');

Notice that it will work fine if your values are strings; if they’re complex objects then you’ll need to add more code.

Or you can just use jQuery.param, which does what you want, even for complex types (although it uses the & character as the separator, instead of the comma.

In ES6 you can use Object.entries({object1:1,object2:2});. The result is: [["object1",1],["object2",2]]

var object = {
    private_key: "private-key",
    public_key: "public-key"

var array = [];
for (var prop in object)
    array.push(prop + "=" + object[prop]);
return array.join(','); // "private_key=private-key,public_key=public-key"

Notice the order is not guaranteed.

obj = {
  private_key: "private-key",
  public_key: "public-key"

str = JSON.stringify(obj).replace(/[{}]/g, '').replace(/"/g, '').replace(/:/g, '=');
console.log("Using JSON.stringify:\n", str);

str = Object.keys(obj).map((key) => `${key}=${obj[key]}`).join(',')
console.log("Using ES6 keys/map:\n", str);

str = jQuery.param(obj).replace(/&/g,',');
console.log("Using jQuery.param:\n", str);
<script src=""></script>

var obj =[

        for(var i of obj) {
            var key = Object.keys(i).toString();


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Object.entries(yourObj).map(e => ({ name: e[0], value: e[1] }));

Example use:

let yourObj = { foo: "bar", baz: "bas" };

// turn object properties into array entries
let array = Object.entries(yourObj).map(e => ({ name: e[0], value: e[1] }));

// returns
array = [
  { name: "foo", value: "bar" },
  { name: "baz", value: "bas" },
// loop over it
for (let prop of array) {
  console.log(, "=", prop.value);
// shows
foo = bar
baz = bas

Alternatively, create string in the format you wanted:

Object.entries(yourObj).map(e => e[0] + "=" + e[1]).join(",");

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