Change the Text of a Option with jQuery

How can I change the text of an option with jQuery?

I’d like to change Newest with Oldest in an option is a <select> element.

$('select option:contains("Newest")').changeText('Oldest');

.replaceWith would not work for me.



If my script looks like this:

$('select option:contains("Newest")').text('Oldest');
$('select option:contains("Oldest")').text('Newest');

Then I’m canceling out the first script, however, that isn’t what I want. I have two options one that reads “Newest” which I’d like to replace with “Oldest” and one that reads “Oldest” which I’d like to replace with “Newest”. How can I accomplish that?

You should start a new question but here’s the answer:

$('select option:contains("Newest")').text('TEMPEST');
$('select option:contains("Oldest")').text('Newest');
$('select option:contains("TEMPEST")').text('Oldest');

$('select option:contains("Newest")').each(function(){
   var $this = $(this);


EDIT: Answer to the new question:

var $newest = $('select option:contains("Newest")');

$('select option:contains("Oldest")').text('Newest');

$("#mySelect option").html(function(i,str){
  return str.replace(/Newest|Oldest/g,  // here give words to replace
         return (m == "Newest")?"Oldest":"Newest";  // here give replacement words

demo :

Change text of the selected option:


You can do that by a simple script

$("option[value=optionvalue]").html('New text');

$('select option:contains("Newest")').addClass('changeToOldest');
$('select option:contains("Oldest")').addClass('changeToNewest');

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