Avoid window jump to top when clicking #-links

I’ve got a page with some questions and answers, the answers are collapsed by default. When they click the question I expand the hidden answer-div. The problem is that when I click these questions, the window jump to the top of the screen. This is not a huge problem, but I find it annoying, because I have to scroll down to the question again.

The links simply looks like this:

<a href="#" id="myID">Myquestion</a>

And I’ve used jQuery and .click as event-listener.

Are there any simple ways to avoid this, or do I have to use .scroll and finding the coordinates of the question? I’d rather avoid this.

EDIT: I know that I can use anchors to do this, but I’d like to avoid any jumping of the screen at all.

You need to add preventDefault() to your click handler. This will stop the browser executing it’s own link handler, and will only run the code you specify.


$("#myID").click(function(e) {
    // Do your stuff

Don’t use A tags for tasks that are not navigation-related. It is not semantic markup, and doesn’t degrade gracefully. Use buttons instead.

You can do it very simple:
Just add ! in the end of your href:

<a href="#!" id="myID">Myquestion</a>

The alternative jQuery ways are:

$("#myID").click(function(e) {
    e.preventDefault(); // one way 
    return false; // second way prevent default click action from happening

Actually, the easiest way to do this is to remove the href attribute from your anchor tag. As of HTML5, anchor tags don’t need to include href attributes to be semantic.


<a id="myID">Myquestion</a>

instead of

<a href="#" id="myID">Myquestion</a>

This works in IE8+, Chrome, and Firefox. Note that :link css styles won’t apply to anchor tags that don’t include href attributes.

If you need the href attribute and/or IE7 compatibility, then

$("#myID").click(function(e) {

is probably the best way to go.

$('a').click( function() {
  if ($(this).attr("href") == window.location.hash) {

You are looking for event.preventDefault (see jQuery API).

$(...).click(function(e) {
  // your code

Example with nice scrolling to answer content:

  var $answer=$("#answer");
  $.scrollTo( $answer, 800 );
  return false;

I’m used jQuery scrollTo plugin.

Inside your function of:

And I've used jQuery and .click as event-listener.

Will look something like:


Change this to (don’t forget the param e inside function(e):


$('body').on('click', '[href^=#]', function (e) {

if the selector ex..”body” is there during the initial render then use the any selector .. id … to target the general to have jQuery (as of 1.8.2) iterate over. the “On handler invoke a method called “bind” which is used for newly added content to the DOM”,. Using the “[href^=#] will select any href that are in the section tag but you can replace section with anything or nothing and it applies a cancellation to the click event. This technique is great for dynamically created content to the DOM

Read More:   Getting DOM element value using pure JavaScript

If you add a “\” to the “#” it will prevent from going to the top.

<a href="#\" id="myID">Myquestion</a>


<a id="like-post" href="#\">like</a>


$('body').delegate('#like-post','click',function(e) {

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