Any way of detecting whether a browsers console is able to render colors?

Is there a way of checking to see if a browser is capable of using console colors without sniffing?

console.log('%c Oh my heavens! ', 'background: #222; color: #bada55');

For example that in chrome 26+ and firebug will print colored output.

This is one of these few cases where browser version detection seems the valid way to go. To minimize the dangers of this approach make sure to use a blacklist rather than a whitelist, no matter how unintuitive this might feel right now (to make sure you don’t leave out new future browser as happened with a lot of old netscape focused code). I am aware that this isn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but as console.log is a native function and it’s effect can in no way be observed, so as far as I can see the only option is to do browser version detection.

I wrote Console.js to allow us to do this a bit easier

  red: 'color: red',
  underline: 'text-decoration: underline',
  bold: 'font-weight: bold'

then you can just do this

console.log('red text '.red + 'red underlined text'.red.underline + 'red bold text'.red.bold);

it will gracefully degrade like this

console.js example

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