AngularJS – ngRepeat with multiple object types

I have a list of items. An item can be a number of things, let’s say the list is something like so :

[userObject , vehicleObject , userObject , animalObject , animalObject]

Now I want to render the list with ngRepeat directive that will use a template according to the type of the object (Polymorphic rendering). can this be done?

maybe something like (ng-use is an hypothetically directive):

    <li ng-repeat="item in items">
       <img ng-use="item.type == 'user'" ng-src="">
       <a ng-use="item.type == 'vehicle'">{{}}</a>
       <span ng-use="item.type == 'animal'">{{}}</span>

    <li ng-repeat="item in items" ng-switch="item.type">
       <img ng-switch-when="user" ng-src="">
       <a ng-switch-when="vehicle">{{}}</a>
       <span ng-switch-when="animal">{{}}</span>

API reference:

Although this doesn’t use ng-switch, it does get round the problem of not having a type field, which @DotNetHaggis pointed out.

<div ng-repeat="field in fields">
    <div ng-if="field.user !== undefined">user info</div>
    <div ng-if="field.vehicle !== undefined">vehicle info</div>
    <div ng-if="field.animal !== undefined">animal info</div>

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